PhotoFast CR-8800 Review

I have spent some months with the PhotoFast CR-8800 microSD card reader for the iPhone and I will say up front that it’s a mixed bag review. There are some parts of the unit I like and some parts I despise.

PhotoFast in box

Lets start with the likes of the unit itsself. I will go over the software as a separate item in the review.

In the shot below, you can see it’s not much better than the Lightning Connection itself. This is because it uses a micro-flash card which plugs into the back of the unit. Which leads to the first issue I have with this design.  There is not any positive lock to keep that flash card inside the unit other than friction. It’s possible ( I had it happen) to catch the edge of the card on something and have it pull out.  Bad engineer, bad engineer.. you need a lid or some type positive lock here.


And issue number two is the back of any cover for the exposed connector. Unlike many USB thumb drives which have a protective cover for the connector, this unit with exposed pins has no cover. So putting this into your pocket is a pretty bad idea where it can take a hit from keys or any number of other things that could short or damage the connector.

You need to download the PhotoFast app from iTunes and give it permission to access your photos.  The opening menu is uncluttered and looks like this. There are many choices to move, copy or upload images.

All these choices are exciting yes?  Well, here is the bad news. I tried to simply copy my images from the iPhone to my Google drive. I also tried to copy my folder of Instagram pictures to the flash drive. In both cases, the app crashed in mid copy.  I tried many different times to get the copy to work including restarting the phone, reinstalling the app and waiting some three months before I wrote this to get any kind of update. Nadda.. no updates and the app still crashes with IOS 10.x on my iPhone 5S. This was enough to cut short my review and experience with PhotoFast.

I ended up removing the app and giving up on this tool.  In my opinion this app and hardware is not quite done yet. I ended up using a different adapter called “iReader” which has it’s own issues but the manufacturer used some common sense like putting a plastic cover over the connectors for one. I used it to move images I took on my Nikon D750 SD card onto my 5S iPhone for near real time editing and posting from a car race at Pismo Beach, CA. I’ll be posting a full review with my experiences. And be warned, there ton of knock offs of this with their own name. As far as I can tell, this is the original but it’s not a given.

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