Smartphone Photography Redux

Why Socializing with Smartphone Photographers is Smart?

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For the last few years I had been part of a smartphone photography community on G+ which was a lot of informal fun. We ran a Google Hangout roughly once a week and had contests each week to help you practice your smartphone photography. For some good reasons, Ant Pruitt, who started it and ran it, had to step away and “let it go”. Well, a few of us with Ant’s blessing, did not want to “let it go” and I decided to start it back up again.  So we now have Smartphone Photographers Redux. It’s a close community so you have to ask to be approved. I’m forced to do this to keep spammers and riff-raff out so don’t be offended. Just remember that if you want in, you need to be ready to show that you have smartphone photographs available to view and you will need to be active in the community. I’m  still getting my feet under me with regards to the community direction  but I am putting out a few informal hangouts to help keep everybody involved.

Why put in the time?

The one thing I’ve learned over the past few years of hanging out with smartphone photographers is that we love to chat and socialize ideas. The smartphone encourages playtime with the built in camera and all the cool apps. The Google community that Ant started and I am working to continue has that one idea as bed rock. We all try to be serious at times but the fact is we love to play without phones. And many of us love to chat about what we are doing, what we learned, where we got in trouble and generally just gossip a bit.

What to expect?

Our hangouts right now are very informal unlike some of the more polished podcasts like TWIP but they are fun 🙂 The open mic format for now means just that, join the hangout and we will discuss whatever smartphone topic you have in mind. You can tell I’m not real concerned about my background or even the overall production values just yet. I use the Youtube live stream and what I get is what it is.  I have some plans to tighten it up and also tighten up the content  up a bit or maybe run two different ones with one an “open mic” and one more produced with show notes and a set agenda. Again, it’s a bit in flux for now. Much of this project will depend on my free time which in limited supply right now.

For now, please enjoy and laugh along with us while we discuss Joey, the weather, our event images and some cool toys like AstroPad. And as a bonus, we give our collective opinions ( of which we have many) of the loss of the analog 3.5mm port on the newest iPhone.

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