Under the Sea

What do you mean I can’t do that?

I am that person that engineers fear. I will take something they designed to be treated within very set parameters and see how far can I push it outside the box. Sometimes I take the box and just throw it away 🙂  In this post, I’m taking my iPhone which most people coddle and go play with it in the ocean and pool. Pretty ballsy I think since the iPhone is not known for it’s resistance to sweat much less seawater.

Going where others fear to tread

In the shot below, I have caught my daughter Sara inside of a wave just as it started to break over me and my trusty iPhone while playing in the surf at Del Mar, California. And no, the iPhone was not unprotected, read further and learn how I got this and other water shots.

Sara buried in a breaking wave in the pacific ocean

Put a case on it!

In the case of my iPhone, Since I live in Southern California with beaches and the Pacific Ocean, I’ve happily taken the iPhone  into the pool and into the ocean in my quest to get cool pictures. Now, I don’t take a BARE NAKED phone into the water, I have used a few different cases including a HD zipper lunch bag. My favorite is the Watershot hard case which is waterproof to something like 195 feet. The bad side of this is their app just plain sucks. It’s crude, it kills the battery and since the phone is on the entire time, after 30 mins, the phone gets very HOT. But it IS dry in it’s case. And for splashing around in a pool or in the surf zone, 30 mins is plenty of time to get some good shots. Make sure not to exceed it because the iPhone will shut down due to thermal overheating. And the battery will be pretty drained.

Last Curl of the Day Pacific Ocean at Del Mar

When you get into the ocean in the late afternoon and go to the surf zone where the waves crest and break over you, there is  backlighting to work with and the light coming through the water which really gives the water some awesome effects.

Backlit Ocean

If you don’t want to play in the ocean, get sand between your toes and prefer a more civilized way of staying cool, you can always go play in a pool and get fun snaps of the kids splashing around, on top of and under the water. When you are looking at the pictures afterwards, remember you will need to add some red to the images. The water absorbs the red wavelengths very fast so everything goes blue. I like keeping a bit of blue but not the deep blue that even just several feet of water will give the image.

Summer Time under the Pool

The best part of a waterproof camera case is you can get up close and personal with your shots in the water without needing expensive lenses or DSLR bodies in special high dollar cases. You have the best zoom which is the ability to move in closer with your smartphone. And the smartphones in bright light are shooting at such high shutter speeds, you get all kinds of stop action pictures like this one of Olivia and the breaking wave on her surf board.

Surfing with my iPhone

Here is my iPhone in it’s screaming yellow Watershot case. This is an older style of case, they now have different colors but I like yellow for visibility in the surf.

Watershot case in the water

When you are armed with a decent waterproof smartphone case, you open up the summer pictures to a whole new viewpoint. You will have some images that virtually nobody else will have which leads to killer bragging rights at the bar or in-laws 🙂  The kids will love to take the pictures and post them on their own Instagram accounts because not only do they look cool in the shots, they will be unique and everybody likes being a little bit special at the end of the day.

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